a love for all things home

from our styles handmade with textiles procured ethically, directly from independent artisans, to thoughtfully curated goods in partnership with fellow small business owners, we are passionate about presenting an heirloom quality offering that honors all things home

Elevate the everyday

we believe the secret to creating a home & life you love is to find beauty and joy in the everyday. We believe the tools we use everyday should not only be effective, but aesthetically pleasing...and that's why we created our Le Tableau collection. Natural wood brushes, beautiful linen towels and handcrafted French soaps help to elevate your time in the kitchen.

Le Tableau

Ethical production

We purchase our textiles directly from independent artisans in Jaipur, India. These artisans hand paint our textiles using traditional wood blocks and natural vegetable dyes. Our support of the Cheepa Clan (Block print fabric makers) helps to preserve this treasured art, currently facing threats from machine-made designs unethically being sold in the name of block print.

what we stand for

Indian block print (on linen)

we've combined our two loves: romantic block prints & Belgian linen. The result? Styles that are not only beautiful, but durable and meant to last.

block print on linen
Made by hand and with a whole lot of love.

Made by hand and with a whole lot of love.

Our products our sewn by us, right here in the US