the well

October of 2018 we were finally able to move into our house {you can read about the journey to get to that point here}.

As we moved in, we felt as if we had just run an intense marathon, limping and panting over the finish line. The reality was, however that it was mid October and holiday and content deadlines were glaring us in the face. We needed to get unpacked, set up and sewing ASAP. 

I had the house unpacked and decorated in a week, and then we were smack in the middle of holiday. We were blown away by the response. So huge, in fact that I stopped posting on IG and any marketing whatsoever, altogether on December 5th. We jumped right into sweatshop mode- which meant going days at a time without more than a couple hours of sleep, sewing machines running 24/7 and stained hands {and, now walls, unfortunately!} from painting pillows. We finally shipped every order placed by the cut off and collapsed. 

Resting and decompressing are not easy for me. I absolutely have a hard time feeling satisfied or content if I have not accomplished one task or another. My normal day consists of getting up at 3:30 to work until the boys are up, I head to barre class after drop off, then home to work until I pick up the boys and transition into mom mode.  Every hour is always scheduled and spoken for.

I wholeheartedly believe that we were not created to be okay versions of ourselves. We were given bodies to be exercised and kept healthy, talents to be fully utilized and hours in the day to be used at their max. I believe tremendously in the value of hard work and that we are always capable of achieving more. I don't think moms have to choose between following their passions and being hands on and present with their children. 

But I also can see, clear as day when  I'm dangerously allowing my self worth to be wrapped up solely in my accomplishments and results, rather than who I am and who I've been created to be. I find myself depleted and discouraged. I believe the {few, thankfully} nasty emails or comments on social media. And, despite pouring every ounce of my being into my business, I walk around telling myself that I'm a failure and not working hard enough. 

I love me some Lysa Terkeurst, and I love this quote I've seen in her blog, and also in her book Uninvited

We run at a breakneck pace to try and achieve what God simply wants us to slow down enough to receive.

It was clear as day that I needed a moment to pause. Lysa goes on to say in Univnited

I needed to reconnect with the one who knows how to breathe life and love into depleted and dead places. 

The boys were home for winter break and we committed ourselves to recharging, fully engaging with the boys and finally enjoying our new home. We played countless games of LIFE, Sorry and Uno as a family, went for daily long bike rides and drove up to our happy place in the mountains. I spent mornings in long, meditative prayer and took time to feel gratitude for the blessings of the past year. I took this time to fully rest my body, get my head on straight and reconnected with what truly matters. 


 I didn't post on social media for well over a month! I hemorrhaged followers and was told, but many, that I wouldn't recover. But every time I'd feel those feelings of "I need to stay relevant! I've got to get back in the game! my business is going to go under if I don't get back to driving volume!" I'd instantly be reminded by Him that it was not the time, and that this quiet season was crucial.

Crucial not only for myself and for our family, but also to focus and meditate on my vision for WLG

We LOVE what we do. When we say we're crazy passionate about creating beautiful products for your home that inspire, but are also durable and meant to last.... it's not a marketing slogan made up for us. It's our heart and the truth.

I LOVE  textiles. I'm obsessed with finding beautiful, textiles to turn in to pillows for your home. I love painting pillows that will inspire you as you walk by, and I love knowing they're going to last. Your kids will build forts and have pillow fights, you'll snuggle with them as a family for movie night and they'll keep you cozy through countless naps. This makes my heart so very happy. 

This year, we're getting back to basics, and what we stand for as a company.  We're  so grateful for this downtime to be able to do just that. While we rested and recharged, we also got caught up and ahead. We've planned out this next year, we are GROWING and hiring, we've launched our new site {thanks to Colby at the Coop and my sweet friend and photographer Eryn!} there's delicious new product, we've built up our backstock and completely cleared out our queue. 

The other day The Well came through on my playlist and it wasone of those "Stop! LISTEN to this!" moments. The last verse sums up my heart so very much, I was moved to tears

And now that you're full,
Of love beyond measure,
Your joy's gonna flow,
Like a stream in the desert,
Soon all the world will see that living water is found in me,
'Cause you came to the well

Thank you for being here sweet friends. 

Photos by my sweet friend Eryn Turner of E. Lea Photography.