how to style the new kilim collection

Guys, I am so excited I just can't stand it! Our new killim collection is live and I couldn't be happier with it!

According to Elle Decor, the style forecast for 2019 says  "boho" vibe is back but with a vintage modern twist. Layering and mixing patterned fabrics is key, but cleaned up and a bit more neutral. Mixing pattern with a clean palette is major and the marriage of these two collections couldn't be more perfect!


I've wanted to carry kill covers for forever, but haven't found the right authentic source. These are directly from Turkey, from the sweetest of gals. If you're new here, we do our best to only source fabrics from small business owners, and avoid big box stores. This keeps our products authentic {and assures that not everyone will have the same thing!}

The key to styling the killim covers is to break up the pattern so your vignette doesn't get too busy and the patterns don't clash. Enter our vintage grain sacks! We LOVE these two collections styled together. We've also added a couple new styles to our vintage grain sack collection!

To find the perfect pairing, choose a vintage grain sack cover with colors in your killim cover. 

We love this combo

killim pillow found here, grain sack found here

and add a delicious lumbar in front if you're looking for a trio 

killim pillow found here, grain sack found here, lumbar grain sack found here

Just the lumbar looks fab with a killim too!

killim pillow found herelumbar grain sack found here

and we love how the blue here flows with the blue and red killim!

killim pillow found here, grain sack found here

This trio may be my very favorite. 

black grain sack found here, killim pillow found herecaramel multi stripe pillow found here


Do ya'll love this collection as much as I do!? Don't ever hesitate to contact me if you have any other styling questions. Thanks for being here friends!