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I'm actively posting mini styling tutorials on my instagram stories. You can find them here.
I'll be posting those tutorials here on the site, too for quick reference.
Want me to cover something? Shoot me an email!
Just getting started? here are a couple tricks and tricks to follow that will help!
I HIGHLY encourage my customers to use good quality inserts. You simply will not achieve the look you are going for without the proper insert. We love IKEA's FJADRAR down inserts {yes, their down is ethically sourced}. For more information on inserts, I encourage you to read our FAQ page where I write out everything you need to know on inserts!
To karate chop or not to karate chop
This is a heated topic! I personally love my pillows "karate chopped" {deep V down the middle}. I think the look is super cozy and inviting. I can also absolutely appreciate the look of a smooth pillow, gently leaning back on a couch or bed. The choice is completely up to you- just be sure to use a quality insert and make sure you have the sizing right.
My favorite sizes to use are 24x24 {you would use a 26x26 down insert}, 20x20 {you would use a 20x20 down insert} and 16x24 {you would use a 16x26 down insert}.
I don't love the 16x16 size, and you will see we don't have a ton in stock for that reason. 
Choosing your textiles
We'll be covering that in a bit more detail in the next couple tutorials. There's no real formula you can use when mix and matching textiles, but I'll say that you always want to make sure the textiles compliment and NOT compete with each other. Every product pictured is shown with the pairings I'd recommend. Additionally, scroll to the bottom of the product page and you'll see I have the recommend pairings listed. The best part? add a recommended pairing to your cart and you'll receive 15% off your total purchase {discount applied at checkout}.