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This pillow cover is made with a carefully curated material. The face is a made of a polyester rayon blend, it is a heavy upholstery fabric is tested to withstand 51000 double rubs, making it incredibly durable.  Its neutral pattern will match any contemporary decor scheme beautifully.

Don’t see the size/ color/ patches option you need? Select what you’re looking for and click “email me when available”, the notification will pop up on the LEFT in GREEN . This is the very best way to let us know you’d like a certain variation, and we’ll get it made right away. 


Selecting your size

- For all sizes except for 24x24 and 16x26, select a pillow cover based on the size insert you are using. 

16x16, use a 16x16 down insert

18x18, use an 18x18 down insert

20x20, use a 20x20 down insert

16x26, use a 16x24 down insert

For 16x24, use a 16x26 down insert

for 24x24, use a 26x26 down insert


- 20x20 covers are sewn at 19x19. Otherwise, the fabric will hang on the cover and look sloppy. This is to ensure the best look- full overstuffed and cozy as pictured in all my listings. All covers pictured in square sizes are sewn this way and stuffed with a 20x20 insert. Lumbar pillows pictured are sewn at 16x24 and stuffed with a 16x26 insert. 

For information on where to purchase inserts, please continue reading below

{for more information and the why behind our sizing, we highly encourage you to follow us along on instagram and watch our styling highlighted videos, where I explain this in great detail!}


Pillow inserts

-This is a pillow cover. I do have down pillow inserts available for purchase. I sell 20x20 and 16x26 inserts, as these tend to be my most popular size and I am able to find the best price and quality at these sizes.


-I only recommend using down inserts to achieve the best look.


-IKEA sells fantastic down pillow inserts. I highly recommend the FJÄDRAR down inserts. I also recommend Crate and Barrel for all sizing. Craft stores like Joann's and Hobby Lobby also sell down- alternative inserts for those who have allergy concerns. 


Fabric details
- The front is made up of a polyester/ rayon blend. 
-For the back, we use the material on all other other pillow covers. It is a very natural material with a percentage of recycled fibers. This creates a variation in tone and adds to the "vintage", "industrial" style and gives each cover a unique quality. The color resembles a very light linen. The material is thick and quite soft.
We do this to ensure durability, which is key for us!
-Fabric cannot be customized.
-dry clean only



The back has a generous envelope enclosure for easy removal and cleaning.



For all other information regarding turnaround time for custom orders, contact info, order confirmation, etc. PLEASE VISIT OUR FAQ PAGE 





-For wholesale orders, please email me at


blue carpinteria
blue carpinteria
blue carpinteria