Isaiah 58:11

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 Our covers with wording add an effortlessly casual, natural, farmhouse, vintage style to any room in your home. They look fabulous amongst a vignette of our covers with wording, and pair beautifully with our accent cover collection as well. The neutral color pairs perfectly with pretty much any color palette.

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Selecting your size and inserts


16x26, use a 16x26 down insert

 For 16x24, use a 16x26 down insert

for 24x24, use a 26x26 down insert


Fabric details

We use the same material on all of our covers with wording, and use this material for backs on all of our accent covers. We treat it 100% in house to give it our trademark soft, nubby, vintage/ industrial look. It is a very natural material with a percentage of recycled fibers, which gives it variation in tone and texture. The color is not white, there is quite a bit of variation in the very light linen tone, which is part of the vintage/ industrial "look". It is not meant to be perfect. 

This material is incredibly durable.

We cannot customize fabric. 



YES!!!! These are machine washable. We recommend cold, gentle cycle and tumble dry low. We've treated your patches to prevent further fraying, if any stray frays appear simply snip them away. 



The back has a generous envelope enclosure for easy removal and cleaning.


Text on pillow covers

-I hand paint all pillow covers. I do not use a  silk screen or vinyl heat transfer. This allows for the writing to fully absorb in the fibers and then fade slightly, adding to a vintage look. 

- want to have us make something just for you? Please visit our custom section.



-All pillows are handmade and no two are alike, patches may very.

-To order a pillow without patches, select the "no patches" option.


For all other information  PLEASE VISIT OUR FAQ PAGE