black and white small windowpane check

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This pillow cover is made from 100% natural linen fabric, softened and washed by our source.
- The face is made from 100% natural linen. The background is black, with a very fine white windowpane check. 
- The benefits of linen are innumerable! Linen fiber is very strong. After each wash the fabric becomes softer and less wrinkly. It is superior to cotton as it absorbs moisture and perspiration. It is breathable and hypoallergenic.
Linen fiber is warm in winter and ideal in summer because it disperses moisture and maintains equal body temperature. It is resistant to static electricity and 3 times stronger and 5 times more resistant to abrasion than cotton.
- The back is made with our signature fabric, for durability. It is a very natural material with a percentage of recycled fibers. This creates a variation in tone and adds to the "vintage", "industrial" style and gives each cover a unique quality.
The material is thick.

- Machine washable, I always recommend cold, gentle cycle. Warm water is fine if needed.
- warm iron fine when needed.
-The bottom has a zipper enclosure for easy removal and cleaning.


For all sizes except for 24x24 and 16x26, select a pillow cover based on the size insert you are using.

16x16, use a 16x16 down insert
18x18, use an 18x18 down insert
20x20, use a 20x20 down insert
16x26, use a 16x26 down insert
For 16x24, use a 16x26 down insert
for 24x24, use a 26x26 down insert
20x20 covers are sewn at 19x19. Otherwise, the fabric will hang on the cover and look sloppy. This is to ensure the best look- full overstuffed and cozy as pictured in all my listings. All covers pictured in square sizes are sewn this way and stuffed with a 20x20 insert. Lumbar pillows pictured are sewn at 16x24 and stuffed with a 16x26 insert.

black and white small windowpane check
black and white small windowpane check