cream and tan grain sack multi stripe

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This pillow cover is sewn by us, in house.

A grain sack pillow cover adds an effortlessly casual, natural, rugged and vintage style to any room in your home. It looks fabulous with a vignette of grain sack pillows, or simply by itself.

The neutral color pairs perfectly with pretty much any color palette.


- Purchase a pillow cover based on the size insert you are using. For example, if you are purchasing a cover for 1n 18x18 insert, purchase a 18x18 cover, 20x20, a 20x20 over and so on.

- 20x20 covers are sewn at 19x19. Otherwise, the fabric will hang on the cover and look sloppy. This is to ensure the best look- full overstuffed and cozy as pictured in all my listings. All covers pictured in square sizes are sewn this way and stuffed with a 20x20 insert. Lumbar pillows pictured are sewn at 16x24 and stuffed with a 16x26 insert.

- An 18x18 cover is sewn true to 18x18. a 16x16 cover is sewn true to 16x16.


_ The face is made with grain sack textile material.

- The back is made with our signature fabric, for durability.It is a very natural material with a percentage of recycled fibers. This creates a variation in tone and adds to the "vintage", "industrial" style and gives each cover a unique quality.

-The material is thick.


I'd recommend cold, gentle cycle and lay flat to dry.


-The back has a generous envelope enclosure for easy removal and cleaning.
-If you purchase a 20x20 cover, it will be sewn slightly under 19x19 as to achieve the best look {otherwise the material will hang and look sloppy}
18x18's and 16x16's are sewn true to size. 
-a 16x24 and 16x26 cover will fit my 16x26 insert beautifully. You can also purchase a 16x26 insert elsewhere and it will fit nicely. 
-For sizes above 20x20, please request a cover TWO sizes down in order to achieve the best look. For example, for a 26x26 insert I would sew a cover at 24x24. The greater the size of the pillow, the more likely the material will hang. 
-If you are unsure, please leave me a note in "notes to seller" letting me know exactly the size of your insert, the type of insert and I will sew what I believe it best to fit the insert.