royal blue 5 stripe

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This pillow cover is made from a vintage, authentic grain sack. It dates back to over 100 years. They come direct from our source, who travels European farmhouses collecting grainsacks for us. 
Grain sacks had a purpose and a history all their own. Grain sacks were vital to getting a family's grains to the mill and were personalized so they could easily be identified. Each family had their own stripe and design. 
This pillow cover is sewn by us, in house.
The material is curated and imported. Once a style sells out, it cannot be replaced as the fabric is truly one of a kind.
These are antiques, they are not meant to be perfect. There may be discolorations or minor imperfections {we feel this only adds to their charm!}
The face is made with grain sack material, antique handwoven and handloomed hemp.
The back is made with our signature fabric, for durability. It is a very natural material with a percentage of recycled fibers. This creates a variation in tone and adds to the "vintage", "industrial" style and gives each cover a unique quality.
I'd recommend cold, gentle cycle and lay flat to dry.
The bottom has a zipper for easy removal. 

This cover is made for a  20x20 insert. It is sewn at 19x19 {trust us on this sizing!}

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