All of our products are made by scratch and by us, in house. Our team is made up of the very best seamstresses and from cutting your fabric, painting your wording, sewing on patches and zipping your pillow up, it's done by us. Nothing is outsourced. 

Our grain sack style pillow covers with wording {and patches optional} are made with a fabric we treat 100% in house to give it our trademark soft, nubby, vintage/ industrial look.

It is a very natural material with a percentage of recycled fibers, which gives it variation in tone and texture. The color is not white, there is quite a bit of variation in the very light linen tone, which is part of the vintage/ industrial "look". It is not meant to be perfect. 

This material is incredibly durable.

We cannot customize fabric. 

All of our accent covers are made with carefully curated and sourced fabric. We only buy our fabric from sellers we believe in and trust. The backs are all made with our signature material, this is to ensure durability as quality and durability are key for us. 

 We use industrial sewing machines to assemble all covers, ensuring tight and secure stitches. This means your covers will stay in tact and survive countless naps, fort builds and pillow fights alike.

I hand paint all covers with wording. We do not use a silk screen or heat transfer. This allows the ink to fully soak in to the fabric and ensures your words will last.

 Curious about sizing, styling, pairing or just want to know more about our covers? Follow us on instagram and check out our highlighted videos where we share a TON of information, including many styling tutorials!


Caring for your covers

Are your pillow covers machine washable?

All of our pillow covers with wording, and painted in house mud cloth pillows are completely machine washable. I’d recommend cold, gentle cycle {although truth be told I throw mine in with my whites all the time}! Your patches have been treated to prevent further fraying, but if frays to appear, simply snip them away. 

 Our grain sack textile pillow covers {made with curated feed sack material} are also machine washable. Please use the cold, gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. 

Our french linen covers are machine washable {please use cold, gentle cycle and iron as needed}

 Our vintage, authentic grain sacks are machine washable, but please ONLY use cold, gentle cycle. 


For all other accent covers, we recommend dry clean only. Home kits like dryer also work well. 

Sizing and inserts 

I’m buying a cover for an insert I have at home. How do I know what size I have/ how do I measure my insert?

Please understand, if you are measuring your inserts yourself, I cannot be held responsible for mis-measurement.

Standard insert sizes are as follows









To measure your insert, simply measure seam to seam, horizontally and vertically. Please purchase a cover in the size your insert measured as.

If your insert measured

16×16, use a 16×16 cover,

18×18, an 18×18 cover

....and so on.

The exception would be a 26×26 insert, I’d recommend 24×24 for a cover.

I only recommend using down inserts, for a far superior look. I recommend IKEA down inserts. The FJADRAR line is fantastic. I do sell inserts as well, you can find them here.


do you sell the inserts too?

We currently do not sell inserts.

You can find fantastic down inserts at IKEA. I recommend the FJÄDRAR line. Additionally, Crate and Barrel has fantastic down inserts as well in multiple sizes.

I only recommend down inserts for my covers. This is because our material is thick, and to get the cozy, overstuffed, soft and over all yummy look as pictured, down is the best option.

 What size cover do you recommend?

I personally prefer 20×20 and 16×26. All square covers pictured are shown in 20×20, and all lumbar 16×26. 18×18 is also a nice option.

When creating a pillow vignette on your couch, I like to flank each side with a 24×24 for height, then add a couple square 20×20’s and one 16×26 lumbar.

If you are looking to create a small pillow vignette, then one or two 20×20’s and one 16×26 creates a fabulous look.

For a bed, I like to do two 20×20’s and one 16×26, or two 24×24’s and one 16×26.

Personally, I do not prefer 16×16 sizes unless as one addition to a larger couch vignette.

You can follow along on my instagram for product styling ideas too.


What size insert should I buy for my cover?

Please always purchase a cover based on your insert size, and vise versa. The exception to this is our 24x24 and 16x24 size. 

16x16, use a 16x16 insert

18s18, use an 18x18 insert

20x20, us a 20x20 insert

16x24, use a 16x26 insert

16x26, use a 16x26 insert

24x24, use a 26x26 insert. 


16×16 and 18×18 are sewn true to 16×16 and 18×18.


20×20’s are sewn at 19×19. This is because, after years and years of working with my fabric, I have found that sizes over 18×18 look best this way. Otherwise, because my material is thick, the cover will hang on an insert and look sloppy. If you have purchased a 20×20 cover, do use a 20×20 insert. I recommend IKEA’s FJÄDRAR line.

If you are purchasing a cover for an insert over 20×20, i would size down by two inches. For example, I personally stuff my 24×24 covers with a 26×26 IKEA FJÄDRAR cushion. This is a personal preference and styling recommendation.


Rewards Program

How do I sign up for the rewards program?

there is a pop up on the bottom right corner of your screen. Click it and it will lead you to our sign up page. 

How do I use my rewards points?

Once enrolled, you can visit your rewards by clicking that same pop up on the bottom right corner and click "send points". Click any button that says "redeem" and it will email you a coupon code. 

My rewards points didn't apply to my order?

You need to enter the coupon code that was emailed to you. Points are not automatically applied, you must enter the coupon code.



What is the best way to contact you?

Email is always the best way to contact me. While I strive and do my very best to respond ASAP if I am able, please allow two business days for me to respond, as we are hard at work making pillows! I also work through the night and my working hours are non-traditional.

Instagram direct messages are fun for collaborating on instagram collaborations and keeping in touch with friends, but please do shoot me an email if you are contacting me in regards to business.


do you offer customs?

Yes! Please visit our custom pillow cover section  

We offer custom letters, custom numbers, custom coordinates and custom state covers. We also offer complete custom wording, meaning your pillow can say anything you’d like. As I hand paint all covers, I can write anything and everything.


please use the custom wording on a pillow cover  listing and select your desired size, ink color and whether you’d like with or without patches.

Then, at check out, please leave me a note in “notes to the seller” letting me know what you’d like me to write. Please know, if you capitalize, I will capitalize, and if you break your saying in sentences, I will as well. Don’t hesitate to be as detailed as possible.

Please note, we will not duplicate a pillow from another maker or company. Should you request this, your order will be refunded. We have a conviction never to duplicate any other company, and we ask for the same respect for our products. 

Please be sure to double check spelling, grammar, etc. and understand that I cannot be held responsible for errors made


do you offer custom sizes?

all covers have the "custom size" option in the drop down size menu. If a custom size is not listed {as the case with our vintage, authentic grain sacks}, then I cannot customize sizes. 



do you offer wholesale?

Yes! We love supporting small brick and mortar shops, however we do not sell wholesale for online sales. Please contact me and I will shoot you an email with our wholesale information.

Please note, we are no longer accepting wholesale accounts in the Dallas/ Fort, TX and Ventura County, CA areas.

There are times throughout the year when we will not be accepting wholesale orders.

Please do not place an order and then retroactively ask for a wholesale discount.


Choosing your pillow

I’m not sure what style to order, how can I decide what size/ color?

Unfortunately, I do not have every option pictured in every listing as we do offer so many customizations. Following our instagram is a great way to see covers styled and recommended colors/ sizes

recommendations when choosing your cover:

  • covers in gray, with patches are perfect for any farmhouse, vintage, industrial decor. The patches add nice texture to any vignette.
  • If you are unsure of how to create a pillow vignette using our grain sack style covers with wording, I love our gray covers with patches partnered with a grain sack pillow. . You can see an example here, and also our white linen farmhouse pillow. You can see an example here.      A pillow vignette made using all three looks beautiful too. For more styling ideas you can follow me on instagram here
  • covers in gray, without patches achieve the same farmhouse, vintage, industrial look. It’s nice to mix and match covers with and without patches. Gray without patches look well paired with gray mud cloth pillow covers. You can see an example here and here {scroll through product pictures}.
  • for covers in black, I personally do not recommend patches. If your style is a bit more modern, or perhaps bohemian, these are perfect for your decor. Covers in black pair beautifully with mud cloth pillows in black, you can see an example here and here .  Black also looks fantastic paired with our indigo mud cloth pillow. You can see an example here.
  • red and green are beautiful for the Christmas season. We use coordinating red and green thread on these. Just leave me a note if you’d prefer the natural thread instead.


Curious about pairing our covers, styling, recommended colors and sizes? Please do check out our instagram page where we post styling tutorials and videos containing tons of info!


 Turnaround time and shipping

What is your turnaround time?

We strive to get orders out as quickly as possible. On average, most covers ship in 3-10 business days. There are times, especially after a holiday or sale, when we may be closer to 2 weeks. We do all we can to never let our turnaround time exceed two weeks. My turnaround time for customs is approximately 2-3 weeks. Please know that we truly do all we can to work through our custom queue as quickly as possible. Your pillow is taken through numbers steps and processes as it is completely built from scratch in house. Please allow for some grace, especially during sale and holiday times.







A tremendous amount of love, attention to detail and care goes in to every single product we ship out.


Can you let me know the status of my order?

Our turnaround time is 3-10 business days.

Shipping takes anywhere from 1-5 business days depending on your location.

Our shop is unique as we build your cover completely from scratch. Nothing is outsourced or mass produced. Additionally, we treat your cover to prevent further fading and fraying of patches. 

Due to the multiple steps and processes your cover will go through, we are unable to give you an exact shipping date. Know and trust that we have your order and we are diligently working through our queue as quickly as possible. We know that you are anxious to receive your cover and we can’t wait to get it to you!


My order shows as delivered but I have not received it! 

This happens all the time. It simply means your postal carrier marked your order as delivered before they had a chance to deliver. This is on the USPS side and not in our hands. 99% of the time it shows up the next day. 


Where can I find tracking info on my order?

If you gave us an email at check out, we've emailed you tracking info once your order shipped. If you provided a phone number, your tracking info {and order confirmation} was sent via SMS via the phone number you provided.


Tracking info shows that the post office has not yet received my order? Is there a problem?

We deliver or arrange for pick ups from USPS daily. We would NEVER sit on an order and wait to bring to USPS. If you are seeing this on your tracking, the post office simply hasn't scanned in your order. This can be due to a weekend, USPS holiday, etc. There is no cause for concern.

Returns and exchanges

A tremendous amount of love and attention to detail goes into every product we make. We are happy to return or exchange for items arriving damaged, or if a mistake was made on our end.

I ordered the wrong color, can I exchange?

Please understand, a tremendous amount of time went into making your pillow. We offer a great deal of customizations for every cover. There are three drop down options when selecting your cover {size, color and whether you'd like patches or no patches}. Please be sure you are ordering what you intend. Changes can lead to delays. 

If you ordered the wrong item, you can send back the items received and request a different size/ color/ patches option.

Note that an exchange proccess can take time. We will need to proccess your exchange and make you a new cover.

The customer is responsible for shipping charges for the return and the shipment of the new covers. The customer is also responsible for any difference in price of variants. 

You can send the items to

PO Box 806

Eagle, ID 83616

WLG will not send out replacement covers until the exchange has been received. 


We have a product we think you would love, we're wondering if you would be interested in promoting our products?

At this time, we are not collaborating with additional brands and our focus is solely production and taking care of our customers. 

Would you be interested in doing a giveaway?

At this time, WLG is not participating in any giveaways on social media. 

Our listing descriptions are incredibly detailed and contain more info pertaining to a specific product as well. Don’t ever hesitate to email me if you still have any more questions.