Policies, Returns and Shipping.

What we stand for

Our goal and purpose is always to produce high quality pieces that can stand the test of time and become treasured staples for our customers. Every piece goes through multiple steps before it is shipped to you. 

We have a commitment to ethical production. Our products are made by hand, in the USA by skilled artisans. Zero labor is outsourced to mass production or factories. 

We work in production methods that eliminate waste. We only order enough fabric to fulfill orders. Scrap fabric that would normally wind up on the cutting room floor is instead saved for future products. 

We make every effort to purchase textiles from fellow small business owners.

Our linen comes from a female owned small business In Belgium.

Our vintage grainsacks are sourced from a mother and son team. They travel to Europe multiple times throughout the year and source our authentic grainsacks from rural farming villages.

Our satin labels come from an independent artisan in Paris, France.

Our authentic mudcloth comes from a mother and son team who bring us their textiles from Africa.

Shipping and turnaround times

We are not a big box store. Please remember that we are a small business, and  a commitment to quality and ethical production takes time. 

If you order an accent cover, you can expect your order to ship within 1-5 business days. 

Our covers with wording have a turnaround time of 1-10 business days.

Due to the fact that we offer so many variants with our covers with wording, for the most part, every cover is hand painted just for you. You can learn more about our covers with wording proccess here. 

Should you place an order for a covers with wording and an accent cover, your order will ship within 10 days. Should you need your accent cover sooner, we encourage you to place 2 seperate orders. 



We accept approved exchanges on our accent covers, within 15 days. Please reach out via email to hello@withlavenderandgrace.com, and explain the reason for the exchange. 

Because every cover with wording is hand painted for you, we do not offer returns on our covers with wording. The exception would be, if a mistake was made on our end or if your item arrived damaged. 

Customer is fully responsible for return shipping charges unless a shipping mistake has been made on my end.

All items must be returned in original and unused/unwashed condition, otherwise a refund/replacement will not be issued.

We do not offer refunds or exchanges on wholesale orders, or items purchased at any of our retailers. Please contact your retailer to inquire about their refund/exchange policy.

Please be sure to review the details of our products before ordering. 

Our covers with wording are not made, as the listing states, with a white material. It is a canvas material we treat in house to give it varience in tone and texture. This adds to the vintage/ industrial look of our products.

When purchasing a custom pillow cover, please give as detailed information as possible. Returns cannot be accepted if you provided incorrect wording information on a custom pillow.

Patches may vary with pillow covers, however I ensure that with every pillow, the patches look fantastic. The listing states that patches may vary and returns cannot be accepted if your patches do not look exactly as pictured.

Some pillow covers come with seams, while some do not. If you purchased a pillow cover with a seam, it will come with a seam.


We cannot charge you for anything you have not purchased, nor can we change your order. If you've made a mistake in ordering, you are free to contact us within 24 hours with a change request, but please understand, multiple changes lead to confusion and perhaps a delay in your order getting to you. 


We love our shop owners! We exclusively offer wholesale for brick and mortar shops.
To place a wholesale order, please do email us and we will shoot you an invoice.
There are times throughout the year when we will not be accepting wholesale orders.
Please do not place an order and the retroactively ask for a wholesale discount.