sizing and inserts


do you sell inserts too?

We do not sell inserts.

You can find fantastic down inserts at IKEA. We highly recommend the FJÄDRAR line. Additionally, Crate and Barrel has fantastic down and down alternative inserts as well in multiple sizes.

We only recommend down or down alternative inserts for my covers. This is because our material is thick, and to get the cozy, overstuffed, soft and over all yummy look as pictured, down is the best option.

Why did you stop selling inserts?

We only recommend using down {or down alternative} inserts for the absolute best look. Your cover is of the upmost quality and we encourage you to use an insert that will do it justice! 

Down/ down alternative inserts tend to be heavier, and, therefor cost more to ship. In the past we had to charge quite a bit in order to simply cover the cost we pay for the insert and shipping.

We refuse to sell lightweight, cheap, synthetic inserts- we are passionate about quality and durability.

Additionally, purchasing bulk inserts overseas at a wholesale price would mean purchasing down that was likely unethically sourced and live-plucked.

Since IKEA's down inserts are so affordable, IKEA has vowed to use ethically sourced down, the quality is amazing AND ship at a low price- we instead refer you to IKEA's website {or Crate and Barrel!}

This is actually more affordable for you!

You only need to purchase an insert once, but can easily switch out our covers when you want to change up your look, that is the beauty of pillow covers! 

Why do you recommend IKEA inserts?

The quality is amazing, they ship and they are incredibly low priced. Additionaly, IKEA does not use live plucked down to source their feathers. 

UPDATE. Customers report that IKEA's shipping time frame is extended. Please remember, WLG is not associated with IKEA, we do not earn commissions, nor do we have control over their shipping time frame. IKEA's inserts are simply well priced, ethical and what we personally use. If the time frame is an issue, I encourage you to do a quick google search and, based on reviews and your budget, find the down inserts that work for you.

Almost any and every major home decor store carries down, or down alternative inserts. Customers have had great success on Urban Outfitters, Serena and Lily, Amazon, Pottery Barn, West Elm, h&mhome,  Williams Sonoma home, Wayfair to name a few. 

The only inserts we would not recommend are those that are synthetic.

Simply follow the size chart below for any sizing. This size chart applies to down inserts from all retailers.

What size insert should I buy for my cover?

Please always purchase a cover based on your insert size, and vise versa. The exception to this is our 22x22, 24x24 and 16x24 size. {Links are also provided below}


20x20, us a 20x20 insert

16x24, use a 16x26 insert

16x26, use a 16x26 insert

22x22, use a 24x24 insert

for a fuller look with a 22x22, use a 26x26 insert (this is what I personally use, but please use caution when stuffing as to not damage the zipper)

24x24, use a 26x26 insert

20×20’s are sewn at around 19x19. Trust us on this! If we don't size this way, the cover will hang on an insert and look sloppy. If you have purchased a 20×20 cover, do use a 20×20 insert. I recommend IKEA’s FJÄDRAR line.

If you are purchasing a cover for an insert over 20×20, I would size down by two inches. For example, I personally stuff my 24×24 covers with a 26×26 IKEA FJÄDRAR cushion. This is a personal preference and styling recommendation. This sizing would be the same for any brand insert. 

I’m buying a cover for an insert I have at home. How do I know what size I have/ how do I measure my insert?

If you are measuring your inserts yourself, we cannot be held responsible for mis-measurement.

Standard insert sizes are as follows








To measure your insert, simply measure seam to seam, horizontally and vertically. Please purchase a cover in the size your insert measured as.

If your insert measured

18×18, use an 18×18 cover

20x20, use a 20x20 cover {we sew our 20x20s smaller to ensure the best look, trust us on this!}

16x24, use a 16x24 cover

Once we get in to larger sizes, you'll want to use a slightly smaller cover

16x26, use a 16x24 cover

24x24, use a 22x22 cover

26×26, use a  24×24 for a cover.

What sizes do you recommend?

I personally prefer 20×20, 16×24 and 24x24. All square covers pictured are shown in 20×20, and all lumbar 16×24. 18×18 is also a nice option.

When creating a pillow vignette on your couch, I like to flank each side with a 24×24 for height, then add a couple square 20×20’s and one 16×26 lumbar.

If you are looking to create a small pillow vignette, then one or two 20×20’s and one 16×26 creates a fabulous look.

For a bed, I like to do two 20×20’s and one 16×26, or two 24×24’s and one 16×24.

Personally, I do not prefer 16×16 sizes unless as one addition to a larger couch vignette.

You can follow along on my instagram for product styling ideas too.