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Do you need help designing or styling a space in your home? I offer E-design services for $150, which can then be applied to any product in the shop.
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  • I HIGHLY encourage my customers to use high quality inserts. You simply will not achieve the look you want without a proper insert. We love IKEA's down inserts {yes, they source their down ethically!} for more information on inserts, and which sizes to use,  please visit our FAQ page. 
  • My favorite sizes are 24x24 {use a 26x26 down insert}, 20x20 {use a 20x20 down insert} and 16x24 {use a 16x26 down insert}. I don't love the 16x16 size, and you'll see we don't have a ton in stock for that reason. 


here's what I recommend...

  • Couch: Flank each side of your couch with a 24x24. if you feel like that may be too large, I suggest a 22x22. Then, pair each 24x24 with a 20x20 or 16x24. I like having three pillows on one side {a 24x24, 20x20 and 16x24} and two on the other {a 24x24 and 20x20}
  • Sectional: Have a large 24x24 on each end and one in the middle. sectionals tend to be larger so I encourage you to use 24x24s. I then suggest you pair each 24x24 on the ends with a 20x20 or 16x24. For the middle, I then suggest you have at least 3 pillows. I love a 24x24, 2 20x20s and one 16x24.
  • Bed: For a king or queen sized bed, I suggest two 24x24s and then one 16x24 resting in front. For a full or twin I love the look of just one large 24x24.
  • Loveset: one large 24x24 and one 16x24, a 24x24 and a 20x20, a 20x20 and a 16x24 or two 24x24s. The only look I would not suggest would be a single 16x24 or two 16x24s.

Nearly every cover I offer is shown styled with recommended pairings, so you can see which covers I believe flow best together.
Additionally, every product has a grouping of the recommended pairings below the listing, making styling a breeze.
The best part? Choose coordinating styles from my recommended pairings  earns you a 15% discount on your total purchase {discount applied at checkout}
When choosing textiles and patterns to mix and match, there's no single rule or formula one can apply.
Here are a couple tips I often share with my customers:
  • I personally think stripes can be mix and matched, as long as the stripes aren't too similar, or the same pattern simply in a different color. It's important that the stripes "compliment and not compete" with each other.