what we stand for

 Our goal and purpose is always to produce high quality pieces that can stand the test of time and become treasured staples for our customers. Every piece goes through multiple steps before it is shipped to you. 

We have a commitment to ethical production. Our products are made by hand, in the USA by skilled artisans. Zero labor is outsourced to mass production or factories. 

I personally hand pick every textile and design, from scratch, every piece we create. 

We work in production methods that eliminate waste. We only order enough fabric to fulfill orders. Scrap fabric that would normally wind up on the cutting room floor is instead saved for future products. 

We make every effort to purchase textiles from fellow small business owners.

Our linen comes from a female owned small business In Belgium.

Our vintage grain sacks are sourced from a mother and son team. They travel to Europe multiple times throughout the year and source our authentic grain sacks from rural farming villages.

Our satin labels come from an independent artisan in Paris, France.

Our authentic mud cloth comes from a mother and son team who bring us their textiles from Africa.