antique blue and maroon grain sack cover

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This pillow cover is made from a vintage, authentic and unused grain sack. It dates back to over 100 years. 
Grain sacks had a purpose and a history all their own. Grain sacks were vital to getting a family's grains to the mill and were personalized so they could easily be identified. Each family had their own stripe and design. 
This pillow cover is sewn by us, in house.
The material is curated and imported. Once a style sells out, it cannot be replaced as the fabric is truly one of a kind


_ The face is made with grain sack material, antique handwoven and handloomed hemp.
- The back is made with our signature fabric, for durability.It is a very natural material with a percentage of recycled fibers. This creates a variation in tone and adds to the "vintage", "industrial" style and gives each cover a unique quality.
- The material is thick.


I'd recommend cold, gentle cycle and lay flat to dry.

-The back has a generous envelope enclosure for easy removal and cleaning.
-The back has a generous envelope enclosure for easy removal and cleaning.
-This is a pillow cover. I do have down pillow inserts available for purchase. I sell 20x20 and 16x26 inserts, as these tend to be my most popular size and I am able to find the best price and quality at these sizes.
-I only recommend using down inserts to achieve the best look.
-IKEA sells fantastic down pillow inserts. I highly recommend the FJÄDRAR down inserts. I also recommend Crate and Barrel for all sizing. Craft stores like Joann's and Hobby Lobby also sell down- alternative inserts for those who have allergy concerns. 
-If you purchase a 20x20 cover, it will be sewn slightly under 19x19 as to achieve the best look {otherwise the material will hang and look sloppy}
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-All pillow covers are made completely by scratch. We treat our fabric, hand paint, sew, heat treat the paint and treat all patches to prevent further fraying. Tremendous love, care and attention to detail is taken with every pillow we make. For this reason, please allow approximately 2 weeks for your order to ship.  Please know we truly do all we can to work through our queue as quickly as possible. 
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