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This pillow cover is hand painted and sewn by myself. Pillow covers are available with or without patches. To order your cover without patches, select the “no patches” option.
A grain sack pillow cover adds an effortlessly casual, natural, rugged and vintage style to any room in your home. It looks fabulous with a vignette of grain sack pillows, or simply by itself. 
The neutral color pairs perfectly with pretty much any color palette.
Please leave me a note at check out in "special instructions for seller" letting me know what state you would like me to write. 
- Purchase a pillow cover based on the size insert you are using. For example, if you are purchasing a cover for 1n 18x18 insert, purchase a 18x18 cover, 20x20, a 20x20 over and so on. 
- 20x20 covers are sewn at 19x19. Otherwise, the fabric will hang on the cover and look sloppy. This is to ensure the best look- full overstuffed and cozy as pictured in all my listings. All covers pictured in square sizes are sewn this way and stuffed with a 20x20 insert. Lumbar pillows pictured are sewn at 16x24 and stuffed with a 16x26 insert. 
- An 18x18 cover is sewn true to 18x18. a 16x16 cover is sewn true to 16x16. 
-I use the same material on all my pillow covers. It is a very natural material with a percentage of recycled fibers. This creates a variation in tone and adds to the "vintage", "industrial" style and gives each cover a unique quality. 
-The color resembles a very light linen. 
-The material is thick and quite soft.
-Fabric cannot be customized. I use the same material for all pillow covers.
-YES!!!! These are machine washable. I'd recommend cold, gentle cycle and tumble dry low. I've treated your patches to prevent further fraying, if any stray frays appear simply snip them away. 
-The back has a generous envelope enclosure for easy removal and cleaning.
-I hand paint all pillow covers. I do not use a  silk screener or vinyl heat transfer. This allows for the writing to fade slightly and add to a vintage look. 
- text can be customizable. Please use the "custom" listing to purchase a pillow cover with custom wording. 
-All pillows are handmade and no two are alike, patches may very.
-To order a pillow without patches, select the "no patches" option.
-This is a pillow cover. I do have down pillow inserts available for purchase. I sell 20x20 and 16x26 inserts, as these tend to be my most popular size and I am able to find the best price and quality at these sizes.
-I only recommend using down inserts to achieve the best look.
-IKEA sells fantastic down pillow inserts. I highly recommend the FJÄDRAR down inserts. I also recommend Crate and Barrel for all sizing. Craft stores like Joann's and Hobby Lobby also sell down- alternative inserts for those who have allergy concerns. 
-If you purchase a 20x20 cover, it will be sewn slightly under 19x19 as to achieve the best look {otherwise the material will hang and look sloppy}
18x18's and 16x16's are sewn true to size. 
-a 16x24 and 16x26 cover will fit my 16x26 insert beautifully. You can also purchase a 16x26 insert elsewhere and it will fit nicely. 
-For sizes above 20x20, please request a cover TWO sizes down in order to achieve the best look. For example, for a 26x26 insert I would sew a cover at 24x24. The greater the size of the pillow, the more likely the material will hang. 
-If you are unsure, please leave me a note in "notes to seller" letting me know exactly the size of your insert, the type of insert and I will sew what I believe it best to fit the insert. 
-You should receive an order confirmation email immediately following your purchase. This will contain all details of your purchase. 
-All pillow covers are made completely by scratch. We treat our fabric, hand paint, sew, heat treat the paint and treat all patches to prevent further fraying. Tremendous love, care and attention to detail is taken with every pillow we make. For this reason, please allow approximately 2 weeks for your order to ship.  Please know we truly do all we can to work through our queue as quickly as possible. 
-My order queue tends to stay quite long. I update my current turnaround time often based on the order queue. At the bottom of your cart, you will see the current turnaround time.
-I always strive to work through my queue as quickly as possible to get orders out ASAP and ahead of schedule if possible. 
-Once you have placed an order, you will refer an order confirmation via the email you used at checkout. This email will provide all information on when your order will ship. 
-Once your order ships, you will receive a shipping notification along with a tracking number. 
-Feel free to contact me at
-My business hours are a bit non-traditional as I work through the night. Please allow for some grace if you do not receive a response right away. 
-For wholesale orders, please email me at
For product updates you can follow me on instagram @withlavenderandgrace
custom state
custom state