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Our Jeanne is made from 100% authentic, antique grain sacks dating over 100 years old. They come to us from a partner of ours in Europe who tours old farmhouses collecting grain sacks. 

Due to the fact that these grain sack textiles are truly antiques, there may be signs of age and imperfections. Grain sacks are not meant to be perfect. We believe this adds to the charm of each cover we sew for you, and makes your piece a timeless collectible. 

The back material is a 100% cotton duck canvas ( made in the USA)

Dry clean only please. 
The bottom has a zipper for for easy removal and cleaning.
these covers are sewn at 18x18. We've stuffed them with a 20x20 down insert. 


What size insert do I need?
  • For a 20x20 cover, please use a 20x20 down inserts. 20x20 covers are sewn at 19x19 to ensure the best fit with a 20x20 insert.

** Some of our styles offered in partnership with fellow small businesses are sewn at 20x20 exactly. This is clearly noted in the listing description. A 22x22 down insert is recommended for these styles.

  • For a 22x22 cover, please use a 24x24 down insert.
  • For a 24x24 cover, please use a 26x26 down insert.
  • For a 16x24 cover, please use a 16x26 down insert.

For more information on sizing and inserts, including recommended sources, please visit our sizing and inserts page here.

What should I pair this style with?

We do our best to link recommended pairings, and always show images of our styles paired with coordinating styles.

What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time is 1-3 business days

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